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Welcome to Lettering Matters, a versatile design studio in NJ that specializes in custom calligraphy and hand-lettering for social occasions, signage, branding and business ventures. ​I'm Christie, and whether you desire modern lettering or traditional calligraphy, I can customize it for you in a diverse range of styles.​



My passion for letters emerged in elementary school. My teachers' handwriting nuances fascinated me: the extra swing between one's words, the long elegant capitals of another. I noticed unique lettering everywhere, from the covers of my favorite books to magazines and products. Once my mom offered me a calligraphy set, I was hooked (and subsequently asked to address our family Christmas cards throughout my teen years). 


I formally studied lettering in college with a major in Visual Communications, particularly as it pertains to advertising, logos and graphic design. I also served as arts & graphics editor for the university's newspaper. Meanwhile, I was always the girl asked to letter store signs at my various summer jobs.

Christie Calligrapher | Lettering Matters | NJ



I began providing calligraphy services more than 20 years ago and still get excited about every project, whether it's for a new bride or business or event planners I've worked with often. I enjoy offering on-site personalization for social and corporate events.  I'm also a licensed teacher who has taught multiple levels of calligraphy and hand-lettering.


In addition to my lettering work, I have written articles for local publications. I've also spent time as a copyeditor, and those skills come in handy when proofreading calligraphy.


It's been my pleasure to provide calligraphy for luxury brands including Tiffany & Co. and Tag Heuer. My lettering has been featured online by curators like Calligraphy Masters, Calligritype and Typostrate. As a member of  Society of Scribes and the internationally-renowned IAMPETH, I continue to study this wonderful, ever-evolving art form. 


That's more than enough about me. I want to know about YOU. How can I help with your vision? Have you been inspired by something on Pinterest or Instagram or in your everyday travels? Email me the page link or snap a photo on your phone and text it. Conversely, if you're unsure and looking for design guidance, I'll happily assist you.


In a world where so much is mass produced, my custom calligraphy and hand-lettering will provide the personalization and distinction that sets you apart. Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to creating something tailored to you...

Calligraphy Christie  | Lettering Matters | NJ
Spencerian Calligraphy Envelope Writing Pointed Pen Ink| Lettering Matters | NJ

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Christie on multiple events including weddings, bat mitzvahs and other social occasions. Her calligraphy and hand lettering talent is both breathtaking and expansive. A recent client called Christie’s work "an art form." Beyond calligraphy, Christie has also contributed many creative and cutting edge design ideas that have added to the high level of detail my clients demand.  Equally important, Christie has always met our very pressing deadlines professionally and with a smile.



Besides being a very nice person, Christie is beyond talented. She has promptly and tediously finished two big chalk menu projects for The Juice House. She is a perfectionist, which is clearly shown in her work. My employees, my customers and myself all rave about her work and how beautiful and neat it is! Christie is nothing short of professional, while being creative and fun. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and look forward to working with her in the future!!  


Hiring Christie to address our wedding invitations was undoubtedly the best decision we made during the wedding planning process.  First of all, the service she provides is unparalleled.  Despite the fact that our order came in during peak wedding season, Christie agreed to do a rush order (turnaround time of a few days) and also drove to FedEx herself to ensure that we received the finished product as quickly as possible. Furthermore, she went out of her way to adjust the spacing of the addressing to accommodate a number of vintage stamps that we planned to adorn the envelopes with.  While I had seen pictures of Christie's work online, I honestly couldn't believe how gorgeous the envelopes were in person.  We received dozens of texts and emails from friends and family members raving about how gorgeous the calligraphy was.  My in-laws even framed their envelope and have it hanging in their kitchen!  I will look for any excuse to work with Christie again....Her work and service are both perfection.


I love the wonderful calligraphy Christie did on my envelopes and place cards. Everyone complimented me on how beautiful they were. Not one had to be corrected, due to the quality time and professionalism she put into them. She went out of her way to make sure everything was perfect for my wedding day. I would recommend her services to anyone.



Christie did an amazing job addressing my wedding invitations. Everyone, especially my fiancé's mom, was so pleased with how they looked...and there's nothing better than an accolade from a future Mother-in-Law! Christie delivered the work on time, and her work was accurate and meticulous as well as beautiful. I highly recommend her!!



Christie is an amazing calligrapher with a great eye for details. She went above and beyond my expectations, and the finished project was perfect! Christie kept in constant contact and worked with me on creating exactly what I wanted. Her service was professional, timely, and honest. I would highly recommend Christie for any lettering work.


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