Calligraphy Flourish
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It all begins with the envelope. It sets the tone for your event and provides the first impression your guests will have. Modern chic? Traditional elegance? Let a hand-calligraphed envelope emphasize your unique style. I offer an unlimited variety of calligraphy. Choose below or mix and match. Show me your invitation, and I'll recommend or develop a style to compliment it. Have an idea not represented here? I can most likely create it for you. Just ask me!

Copperplate Drop Cap Envelope
Modern Calligraphy Envelope~Laurels
Gold Ink Navy Calligraphy Envelope
Compendium Hand Calligraphy Envelope
Mod Calligraphy Envelope~Banners
Calligraphy Envelope w/ French Flair
Mixed Hand-Lettered Envelope
Loopy Modern Calligraphy Envelope
Watercolor Calligraphy Envelope
Splendid Calligraphy Envelope
White Calligraphy on Black Envelope
Metallic Gold Calligraphy Envelope
Square Calligraphy Envelope
Calligraphy Xmas Tree Card Envelope
Casual Modern Calligraphy Envelope
Modern Airy Mixed Calligraphy
Flourished Calligraphy Envelope
Flourished Calligraphy Envelopes
Modern Calligraphy~Floral Accents
Christmas Envelope Calligraphy
Spencerian Calligraphy Envelope
Ombre Hand-Lettered Envelope
Monoline Calligraphy Envelope
Hand Calligraphy Envelopes
Simple Calligraphy Script Envelopes
Lowercase Mod Calligraphy Envelope
Modern Calligraphy Drop Shadow
Classic Calligraphy Banner Envelope
Pink Calligraphy Envelopes
Stylized Italic Calligraphy Envelope